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Less than 1% of 1% of all #1 records were written by 1 person.

Project JAM is an ecosystem catering to songwriters, producers, artists, musicians, audio engineers, industry execs and fans.

As creatives know, it takes more than one person to bring a vision to life. However, there is currently no central hub for creatives to find fellow collaborators. Project JAM wants to bring the community together through our ecosystem and find justice not only for musicians but for the music yet to be made. This is an exciting opportunity to invest in the future of the music industry and the creators behind the music you love.


It takes multiple puzzle pieces to form the solid picture of a hit song, a great band, or a well-working team. However, with the rise of digital technology the landscape is bigger than ever and the traditional ways of meeting fellow creatives have fallen away as we have dived deeper into cyberspace and social media. The music industry has become a fractured community, especially in geographically vast cities like Los Angeles, where there are scores of creatives but no central hub to connect them. Writers find themselves searching aimlessly on Instagram, Facebook, and Craigslist when they need a producer, writer, musician, engineer, or even a manager, which can hold up their projects and cost them time and money. It’s unjust for all this great talent to be wasted.


Project JAM’s mission is simple: Justice for All Musicians. Project JAM wants to bring the community together and find justice not only for musicians but for the music yet to be made. Project JAM is an ecosystem catering to musicians, songwriters, producers, audio engineers, industry execs and fans. Project JAM is implementing a multi-platform (Artist to Songwriter/Producer and Artist to Industry) ecosystem to address these problems and give writers, artists and musicians opportunities to formalize the ways in which they are discovered, rated and hired by other musicians, record labels, producers and clients.

Project JAM Ecosystem.


Jam Compass (Artist To Artist)

The JAM Ecosystem begins with Jam Compass, the central platform connecting music industry professionals, in order to collaborate and find real opportunities. Just open JAM Compass and find exactly what they’re looking for with an easy directed search.

Users can search for musicians and industry professionals by instrument, genre, skill, and location. Pro features will include must-have industry tools for daily use such as split sheet integration, smart contract payment tools, marketplace, professional listings, and more.

Jam On Demand (Artist To Consumer)

On demand / for hire services like Uber and TaskRabbit are shaping the way owners of certain under-leveraged assets (ie cars) and under-leveraged skills (ie house painters) convert their downtime and underused assets and abilities into cash…on their terms and by their rules.

Professional musicians and music instructors alike have downtime and can earn extra income deploying their talents via an ‘on demand’ platform that allows users to find and bid on their services. Once users turn on the app, they can instantly find, offer and buy services (instrument tuning), lessons (vocal instruction, DJ instruction), performance, collaboration and recording spaces (studios and empty offices) and general coaching, guidance and mentorship.

JAM On Demand also allows novices, hobbyists and emerging musicians in search of professional skill sets, services, and instruction to find experienced musicians.

To get started, simply toggle your visibility to ON in the app. Your services will instantly be available to musicians, companies, bookers, and music fans globally, allowing you to generate additional income.

Jam Stream (Artist to Fan)

Project JAM will later introduce JAM Stream, an innovative video and music DRM player, providing instant, transparent payment via smart contracts and a larger share of revenue to the artist. Our studio grade streaming and distribution platform enables IP owners and approved publishers’ to have absolute control over who can listen to their streamed media. Sophisticated tracking systems enable content managers to know precisely who is listening; anywhere, anytime. High volume online audio delivery with three separate options for preparing and delivering content.


Our team of music industry professionals and blockchain experts is committed to providing you with a central hub for the industry that brings innovative solutions and reliable revenue to musicians like never before.

Anthony Pisano

Co-Founder / CEOEntrepreneur, DJ/Producer, Songwriter, Marketing specialist. Recording artist formally signed to Ultra/Sony Music. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Anthony has had multiple records that have reached top dance charts around the world. Anthony is now working on creating the technology to give artists more ways to increase their income and putting the power back in the artists hands.

Tony Livadas

Co-Founder / COOTony Livadas is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, musician, producer and recording artist formally signed to Ultra/Sony Music. Tony has worked with some of the top talent in the industry and released music on several major record labels. With years of experience in the music industry he is currently working towards solving issues that many artists including himself have faced, such as transparency and royalty distribution.

Dr. Don Oparah

CTODr. Oparah has a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Cambridge University, UK) and an MBA in Entrepreneurship (UCLA). Currently, Dr. Oparah is CEO of Venture Aviator, which consists of a team of over 50 IT project managers, engineers, designers, and business strategists with extensive technology, startup venture, and high growth company experience. Dr. Oparah is a TED speaker and is frequently invited to serve as a guest panelist and speaker at universities and entrepreneurial events.

Matt Carmichael

CMOA leading marketing & advertising expert in the music business with over fifteen years of industry experience in social marketing, online advertising, print, artist relations, label management, and event coordination. He formerly served as Marketing Coordinator for Beatport and was served as Director of Marketing for the Firm Media.

Chad Richardson

AdvisorWith 25+ years of progressive music industry experience in the field of songwriting, publishing and global Performing Rights, Chad has served as Creative Director at ole Music Publishing and as General Manager at Socan Los Angeles. He now has his own consulting firm The S.O.N.G. Space and organizes exclusive songwriting camps around the world.

Brad Roulier

AdvisorCo-founder of Beatport, the largest music store for DJ's in the world. Investor/director/advisor to several others. Currently, ½ of the DJ duo Manufactured Superstars.

Austin Roesberg

DesignerA visual designer based out of Brooklyn, NY with work ranging from traditional graphic design to interaction design. He has worked on multiple products featured by Apple in the app store.

Gordon Sattro